The most powerful motivator out there is undoubtedly seeing and feeling the results of a new workout plan and a healthy diet working together for your body. But that’s not a constant feeling; otherwise, everyone would be fit and healthy already. Lack of motivation is real, and it hits everyone at different times, no matter how driven and committed you are. To help with that, we’ve listed some practical ways to get over the troughs in motivation that occur from time to time so you can get back on track, faster.

Get Up Early

Loss of motivation can be a cruel cycle. You don’t see the results you want, so you’re less motivated to go to the gym and eat well, which makes it more likely you won’t see the results you want, and so on. A lot of these thoughts are “fed” during the day. When you get to the end of the day tired and lacking motivation, there is almost no chance you will get in an effective workout. So short-circuit this thinking by setting your alarm to go off early, and get your workout done first thing. The feel-good hormones that come from a great workout will carry you through the day, and you won’t be as likely to miss your session.

Put in Place Building Blocks

Break down “get to the gym” into much smaller goals that mean you get some forward momentum way before you walk through the doors. That means taking out your workout gear and shoes and laying them out, putting powder in your protein shaker and leaving it ready on the kitchen bench, and filling your water bottle and putting it in the fridge. Doing this sort of thing in advance gets you “rolling forward” towards the goal.

Change it Up

This might mean taking a guest pass to a new gym near you or driving to a new park or spot near the river or beach for a bodyweight circuit and some sprints. The goal is to break up the routine and recharge your mind, and injecting a bit of novelty into the process works wonders for that.

Buddy Up

If you prefer working out solo, you’re not alone. But if you want to break through a motivation rut, then partnering up with one or two friends or co-workers is one of the most tried and true ways to keep yourself accountable. It works because publicly committing to goals to others makes us way more likely to fulfill them.

Hit Pause

Of course, if all of that is doing nothing for you, then hitting pause on your routine might be the best course of action. That doesn’t mean stopping everything and putting the local takeaway shops on speed dial. It means doing physical activity for enjoyment rather than for a goal. That might mean a brisk walk with your dog, it might be only doing the exercises at the gym you enjoy, or it could be a beach swim. By focussing on the enjoyment rather than the goal for a short period (ideally one-two weeks), you are more likely to reconnect with your motivation naturally. Max’s Challenge has already helped hundreds of Australians to hit their health and fitness goals. There’s no reason that you shouldn’t be one of them. Register today to immediately start receiving the support and advantages that you need to get to your fitness goals.



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