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Our superior formula is designed to restore luster, sheen and shine to leather. Maintain impeccable shoes with our exclusive formulation. Keep your leather shoes, hand bags, belts, wallets, and other accessories looking flawless with our Shine Sponge. Shine leather upholstery on furniture and auto interiors as well.

Easy to use & convenient: Quickly and easily bring dull black leather back to life. Our handheld shiner is simple to use and perfect for a quick, fast shine when you don't have time for a traditional one. Use our sponge to maintain your leather goods and keep a polished, well groomed appearance at all times. Our portable and convenient design make it easy to carry in your handbag or briefcase for touch ups or an on-the-go shine. An essential tool to have in your home, office and car.


Shoe brush removes the sticky dust & dirt particles very effectively giving a shining appearance. Available with a wooden body with nylon bristles.

Special features
Light weight.
Comfortable Grip & easy to use.
Highly durable.

A shoe brush useful for polishing & cleaning of any type of shoe material like leather, rexin, cloth, plastic, velvet etc.

Shoe Polishing Brushes are among the most essential components of one's shoe care tools. One can get by substituting an old cotton t-shirt for a dauber or chamois, but there is no substitute for a proper polishing brush. Used during polishing to buff off the excess shoe polish after it has been allowed to dry, a proper polishing brush is irreplaceable and is one of the few polishing accessories that can easily be used for decades.

The friction caused by the natural bristle moving across the surface of the shoe warms the polish, causing it to glaze and produce a soft shine. For a super high-gloss shine, a cotton chamois is required to further glaze and shine the polish.

Sponge Xtra Shine - Black

Sponge Xtra Shine - Neutral

Sponge - Black

Sponge - Neutral

Shoe Brush - Dual Action

Shoe Brush